GPI Contractor Pressure Gauge

GPI is one of the leading pressure instrumentation manufacturer of pressure gauges. GPI has been manufacturing pressure gauges for over 20 years. GPI pressure gauges are mainly used by plumbing contractors because of its performance, durability and safety.

Our GPI contractor pressure has been designed to meet industry standards. Our contractor pressure gauges are high quality and last a very long time.

For all your pressure instrumentation needs, do not hesitate to rely on our GPI pressure gauge. It is also suitable for water, oil, air, gas and other media compatible with copper alloys.

With a stainless steel casing, you are sure that it will be protected against external forces that might damage it.

GPI Contractor Pressure Gauge Features

  • Economical 4.5” stainless steel case gauge
  • Zero adjustment screw
  • 1% accuracy

GPI Contractor Pressure Gauge Applications

Most commercial air, water and steam services (with syphon)

Pressure Gauges

Contractor Pressure Gauge

PCG Series


  • Economical 4.5″ (115mm) stainless steel case gauge
  • ± 1% Accuracy
  • Zero adjustable screw
  • ASME B40.100 compliant


  • Most Commercial air, water and stem services (with syphon)
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