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We don’t just supply the products — we make them.

We manufacture our professional products in our 130,000 square foot plant near Shanghai, China.

Our products have many important uses. Optimal functioning is crucial to the safety of those operating them. We take our responsibility seriously, and we stand behind our work.


We Are ISO 9001, CE, & TUV Certified

All our products undergo extensive testing and quality assurance measures. We are ISO 9001, CE, and TUV Certified. Our friendly customer service team is happy to assist you with any questions or concerns about your order.

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Pressure and temperature gauge (TPT series)

| Product Education | No Comments
Pressure and temperature gauge (TPT series)   Pressure and temperature gauge is also called tridicator. This is a multi-functional gauge that measures pressure and temperature at same time in one...

What is an Industrial Glass Thermometer?

| Product Education | No Comments

Many industrial processes and systems generate heat and need to be monitored. Controlling the temperature doesn’t just control the environment but also helps preserve the physical integrity of the products…

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