Bimetal Thermometer

March 5, 2018

Bimetal Thermometer with Removable Thermowell

March 5, 2018

9” Adjustable Angle Industrial Thermometer

March 5, 2018

6” Industrial Thermometer

March 5, 2018

Hot Water Thermometer

March 5, 2018


As a customer, are you looking for the best thermometer for 2020? How about finding a place where you can find every industrial as well as household equipment for a better living? With GPI Inc. Getting your hands on the finest instruments is a guaranteed deal!

Best Thermometer Manufacturer

We are by far the best equipment manufacturer and our specialty happens to be thermometers. Be it industrial or home purpose, we deal in all kinds of measuring instrument.

Take a look at our wide collection of devices:

  • Bimetal thermometer

Looking for the best biometallic strip thermometer? We have it all.

Extremely versatile ranging from 1’’ to 5’’ in the dial and made of premium quality stainless steel, these thermometers are known for their reliable measurements. With whole adjustable angle union point, these are used for all kinds of heating and ventilation purposes.

Buy this instrument from us – the best thermometer manufacturer and rest assured of the quality! We are providing a recalibrate screw which reduces reading errors.

  • Bimetal thermometer removable thermowell

A device that you can easily use for tracking high temperature without worries of pressure induced changes. The bimetal thermometer with removable thermowell is an excellent choice. Now track dual scale degree temperature along with 2 point connection system.

  • 9” Adjustable angle industrial thermometer

The perfect thermometer for commercial plumbing along with industrial usage, this device lets you connect it to through its 360 degree case rotation. Along with the multi-connection system, it also comes with a dual scale and has pure aluminum casing to with stand high temperature differences.

  • 6” Industrial thermometer

Are you looking for the most economical thermometer device? Then this is the device of your choice. There are two variants – single thermowell and double. Both come in stainless steel or lead free brass and depicts dual temperature. There is a red or blue colored liquid to help you out in better marking. The 90 degree angle provides better connectivity option. This is indeed one of the best thermometer for 2020.

  • Hot water thermometer (scale type and dial type)

One of our bestsellers, this double variant module is a fine example of organic liquid filled thermometer that is easy to install.

  • HVAC V-line glass thermometer

Comes in a brass socket, this has a case length of 4.5”, 6” And even 8”. Hence, in other words it is extremely versatile in nature. Also, there are two different angle connection variety available only at our website!

  • Capillary dial thermometer

We are thrilled to let you know about the most durable dial thermometer. With this affordable device, measuring high ranging temperature is as easy as it ever could be!

Buy Pyrometer Thermometer

Not only do we deal with dial and capillary thermometers, but also we have a varied collection of pyrometers.

Some of our collection of the best Thermometer for 2020:

  1. Solar digital adjustable angle thermometer,
  2. Digital adjustable angle thermometer,
  3. Digital thermometer (TDT series) and,
  4. Digital thermometer (TDI series)

The warranty for each of these devices may vary but what they all have in common is quality.

To buy pyrometer thermometer which suits your purpose connect to us and browse for more guidance.