Buy A 9″ Adjustable Angle Thermometer For Adulterated Readings!

It is true, not every thermometer is having a specific set of usage borderline. 9″ Adjustable Angle Thermometer is one of the many thermometers popular for their corrective results. The readings are so apt and to the point, there cannot be any question about its authenticity.

Now there are many queries in the mind of the user while purchasing a vari-angle thermometer. Pleasantly, this particular device suits various categories and satisfies every query with its impeccable features!

It is rather necessary to select an item based on the features and comparing those to your requirements. If they are a suitable match then the purchase is a great option!

So, firstly it is important that you understand what are the key points which you need to observe before purchasing a 9″ Adjustable Angle Thermometer. We, GPI Inc., are here to assist you in the journey.

Accurate readings:

We are glad to introduce you to the most efficient device for monitoring accurate temperature – the 9″ Industrial Multi-angle thermometer. Only here at GPI Inc., can you get this device at cost friendly rate!

Now, before your proceed to learn about technical aspects of this device, let us tell you about the application areas.

  • A 9 inch industrial Glass Thermometer is a widely popular device with super efficient usage in industrial and plumbing aspect. Mostly it is used for high quality commercial purposes. All kinds of water lines that require tracking of temperature needs the glass thermometer application.
  • Its wide range of angle connection and deviation is an easy installation factor. Due to such, even the ventilation and air conditioning is better monitored.
  • 9″ Vari-angle industrial Thermometer comes in dual temperature measuring units. Monitoring the temperature hence is easy.
  • The thermowell is made entirely of separable brass or in many cases lead free brass.
  • Coming with a 9” aluminium case or Valox case, the casing is significant.
  • There also is an organic filled magnifying tube to detect the temperature better and make sure readings are accurate.
  • With a plus minus 1% accuracy rate, the thermometer comes with an ASME B40.200 compliant.
  • There is also a graphite filled bulb chamber inside the thermometer to keep the excess heat in check. This is so to make sure the temperature changes do not alter readability of it.
  • The 9″ Vari-angle Thermometer is easily attached to almost any angular gap and coming with a case rotation system of 360 degree, it is pretty easy to install.

We recommend you to use this multi-angle Thermometer if you are in need of better connectivity and happen to be dealing with sensitive readings of temperature. The real question is whether it is feasible for purchase or not. As far as the reliability of the device is in consideration, investing in a 9 inch industrial Glass Thermometer is a great assistance in the long run too! The purchase is totally worth the value and here at GPI Inc., we do provide every instrument at the most reasonable rates possible.

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9” Adjustable Angle Industrial Thermometer

TAI Series


  • Widely specified in the industrial and commercial plumbing trade
  • Includes a separable brass or lead-free brass thermowell
  • 3.5” (90mm) and 6” (150mm) stem
  • 9″ aluminum or Valox case, and 6” aluminum case only
  • Organic filled tube (magnifying)
  • Dual scale (°F and °C)
  • Vari-angle connection and 360-degree case rotation for easy installation
  • Graphite filled bulb chamber for maximum heat condition
  • ASME B40.200 compliant
  • ±1% accuracy


  • New construction, plumbing, water lines, boilers, heating, ventilation and air conditioning
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