Pressure & Temperature Gauge/ Tridicator

October 26, 2017

Tridicator Gauge – The Multipurpose Budget Maintenance Device

GPI Inc., is the world wide destination for purchasing your first Tridicator Gauge. Why do we say that? Because we bring to you a premium quality gauge that will efficiently reduce the need for multiple devices.

  • Cutting back on budget:

Being an industrial owner, you have to deal with multiple devices for measuring the simplest changes or some electrical devices for example, Thermocouple and RTD. That not only increases the total budget but even puts extra load on the stable units. To cut off these extra expenses, all that you need is an all in one product, Pressure and Temperature Gauge.

  • A multi gauge:

The Tridicator Gauge comes in best quality casing with both steel and plastic coating. The stem is made of pure brass and has a bi metal coil.

Also, the dial measurements come in two variants with 2.5” and 3” respectively. For better visibility, there are black and red markings and is having a copper alloy tube i.e., bourdon tube.

The tridicator device is mostly known for its ability to determine all three – percussion, temperature and altitude. Just the dual Pressure & Temperature Gauge, these are efficient in producing results. These devices can easily monitor the differences just like the other individual instruments.

Now, this particular gauge may not come in a very easy price range, however, we make it our biggest motive to provide you with the best deal possible!

We also assure you exceptional services after purchase of these gauge models, or other devices like Thermocouple and RTD.

Though mostly used in refrigeration, we recommend the use of a Tridicator Gauge for hydronics and prototype purposes too! Come select a premium model which fits your set of requirements and avoid the usage of multiple tracking units. Other than variety of gauges, you can even explore the collection of Thermocouple and RTD.