What is an Industrial Glass Thermometer?

Many industrial processes and systems generate heat and need to be monitored. Controlling the temperature doesn’t just control the environment but also helps preserve the physical integrity of the products being manufactured. You need a reliable thermometer to keep an eye on the temperature changes in such environments. Unfortunately, just any household thermometer won’t work in such environments; you need an industrial glass thermometer for the job. In this article, we discuss what this tool is and what its features are.

What is an Industrial Glass Thermometer?

This instrument is an accurate, resilient, and reliable tool to measure the temperature of an environment. It is specifically designed for industrial use and has a reinforced body that can withstand harsh conditions. They’re much more durable than laboratory instruments and their sensors can be bimetal, gas, liquid, electric, or infrared based on the product you choose.

Some of the most commonly used thermometers are liquid or gas-filled. They have been used for hundreds of years and are quite reliable. Here’s a look at how they work:

• When the thermometer is exposed to heat, the liquid or gas in the chamber expands.
• As the compound expands, it fills the empty space in the chamber, which has a temperature indicator alongside it.
• The liquid or gas will stop expanding once it reaches a certain point, which indicates the temperature.

You just have to see where the liquid had stopped to understand the temperature of the environment around the sensor. As long as the liquid or gas is in good shape and the sensor is not damaged, the thermometer will keep providing accurate readings of the environment.

What Are The Features of The Industrial Glass Thermometer?

An Industrial glass thermometer is a reliable tool that measures temperature accurately. It doesn’t rely on fancy technology, just pure chemistry, and science to provide the readings. Here are some of the biggest benefits of this thermometer:

• It can read temperatures in all industrial conditions and provide accurate information.
• They record readings in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, which means they can be used in all kinds of industrial environments and people from all over the world can understand the readings.
• These thermometers can be attached to the reading site at a 90° angle or connected to a bottom piece. The position will not have an impact on the readings and will allow you to move the instrument in order to see the reading clearly.
• The clear glass body makes it easier for people to read the temperature. The body is made from a resilient glass compound so you don’t have to worry about it breaking in the harsh industrial environment.
• The case and liquid temperature indicator have contrasting colours, which also makes it easier to read the temperature.

If you’re looking for a reliable thermometer that won’t just last long in industrial conditions, this is the right tool for you. The instrument is ASME B40.200 compliant so you can expect great accuracy.