Hot Water Thermometer, the versatile and pocket-friendly device

Getting a Hot Water Thermometer? There are things to learn.

Purchasing a thermometric device is bit of a tricky deal. There is a lot of information that you as a user are unaware of. Mainly factors like that of extreme conditions challenge the readings. Also there is an evident situation where users may feel unsure of their purchase due to the restriction in area of application. Whichever is the condition, we at GPI Inc., wish to guide you sincerely.

Hot Water Thermometer features:

Coming in with a dual temperature scale of both Fahrenheit and Celsius, this brass or many times lead free brass thermowell is very pocket friendly.

The glass tube is liquid filled and scale type. Thus, there are no unreliable readings or variable readings like the digital type.

A vertical scale type Hot Water Thermometer also is super easy to install. You can do so yourself with our manual for assistance!

Coming with a powerful ASME B40.200 compliant, this thermometric device is also having a half inch NPT process connection.

Clearly, this particular device model is for easy reliable usage and can be used for various industrial as well ads household purposes. in fact if anything the most versatile use of this device is in hydronic heating.


Hot Water Thermometer (Scale Type)

THW Series


  • An economical and accurate way to measure air or water temperatures
  • Brass or lead-free brass thermowell
  • Liquid-filled glass tube for scale type
  • Dual scale (°F and °C)
  • Vertical scale type
  • Easy to install
  • 1/2” NPT process connection
  • ASME B40.200 compliant


  • Hot water lines, boilers and hydronic heating
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