Affordable & Quality lead Free Test Plugs

Searching for the lead free test plugs that takes pressure and temperature readings faster? We’ve got what you want!

GPI is a leading manufacturer of lead free test plugs, and other gauges for many years. Our pricing is cost-effective that can be availed with no hassle.

Before purchasing this product, it is imperative to understand the basics. First of all, it is great for providing fast and correct readings for pressure and temperature at recommended test points

  • These plugs are used in a variety of applications like plumbing, ventilation, heating, and air condition installation. These are properly tested and meet quality standards very well.
  • Served with 1- year warranty. You can be fully assured of its effectiveness to provide accurate results.
  • They are thoroughly tested to meet quality standards very well. They are durable and will last longer.
  • They are available in the market with brass or lead free brass wetted parts.

Take a closer look at the product’s specifications and place your order.

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Test Plug

ATP Series

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