Pressure Snubber

APS Series

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GPI Inc. has the best pressure gauge snubber assortment for you to choose from

Snubbers are pressure measuring instruments and gauges are too. So what exactly is the difference whether you purchase one instead of the other? We at GPI Inc., are here to assist you with such tenacious little problems. Pressure gauge snubber is a small perfect device that suppresses the effect of percussion and pulses through various mediums. That way the integrity of a pressure gauge is more durable and better protected to high temperature and pressure differences.

In such a case where you are looking for a pressure gauge snubber, look for the one that confides up to 120 degree Celsius and has a nominal pressure of 400 bar.

The basic material is made of stainless steel and aggressive media. That way a gauge snubber endures high pressure and temperature changes.


Snubber is the best gauge extension that dampen all kind of pulsations. With the reliability and adaptable circuits, there is a long assurance that can be adapted in a pressure measuring system.

One of the keen areas for application is the petrochemical industry. Hence, there are systematic processes that need to be considered before connecting it to the pressure measuring unit.

The calibration is easily readjusted as the operation is selective in various medias. Snubbers are easily adjusted as there is a connective part which is flexible and extremely durable. So, this is an adjustable area where you can connect any kind of other pressure gauges. Also the plastic coating serves as an insulator. Doing the basic study will help you to figure out which connective snubber you need to include in your unit measuring system. We at GPI Inc., have wide range of pressure gauge snubber attachments for you to choose from. Select the best!