Pressure Gauges

Water Test Gauge

PWT Series


  • 2.5″ dial size
  • Copper alloy bourdon tube and swivel connection
  • Black plastic case
  • 3/4″ swivel connection, top mount
  • Plastic lens
  • Accuracy: 3/2/3% per ASME B40.1 Grade B
  • White Scale with black graduations and numerals


  • For pressure tests of residential and commercial water lines
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Buy water test gauge by coveting features and analyzing durability 

A water test gauge is highly commercial as well as industrial. One can use it for both kind of purposes provided that the model is capable enough to handle both segments. Thus it is not dependent on the size of the item, however, when you do buy Water Test Gauge, make sure that you channel through all of its specifications.

Why is it used?

A water testing gauge is used for determining and measuring the pressure level of water. And yes it is important for the longevity of pipes. This significance becomes important even more in industrial areas. Too much pressure of water damages individual pipes and pipelines. Avoid this and buy Water Test Gauge. This will help you to determine and thus control the pressure exerted on the tubes by free-flowing or directional water.

Features to look for

Purchasing any new unit for measurement has to be accurate. Only then can you reach a proper result.

Make sure what your purpose or long term goal is. If it is, in fact, to alternatively change the pipeline system then you can opt for the cheaper models as well. Pipelines need to be closely monitored and skimmed for pressure changes. If there is a lot of fluctuation in the percussion level then expansion is bound to happen. This is better monitored by the apprehensions of a water testing gauge.

buy Water Test Gauge first by looking for the material in stainless steel and then look for different attachment styles. Look very carefully also at the segments of the attachment as to whether there is a straight connection for versatility or not.