A simple gas filled thermometer shows a lot of promise!


Dual temperature scale along with bottom connection, there can be no other substitute to a Gas Filled Thermometer and its efficiency.

Sturdy and extremely reliable for a pocket friendly budget – this is exactly how we at GPI Inc., describe this device. There is no denying this thermometer is one of our biggest bestsellers!

Learning about this device

What exactly is a Gas Filled Thermometer?

Where there are thermometers that can calculate distances and monitor various pressure as well as climatic changes, these devices are simple. While for many users, this thermometric device may appear to be dull against the bright features of other models, it is expeditious!

  • Our experts highly recommend using this simple and cost effective device for varying temperatures.
  • The gas thermometer comes with a bottom connection and half an inch npt process connection.
  • Also, this type of thermometers can be used for household and light industrial processes!

There are many different types of models available. The one thing that you need to ask at every instance is for which purpose you require a certain device. If it is for simple and lucid use where there are less mingling of extreme conditions, then a simple gas filled thermometer is the absolute right choice!


Gas-Filled Thermometer / Rigid Dial Thermometer

TRT Series


  • A durable and accurate thermometer with a rigid connection
  • Dual scale (°F and °C)
  • Bottom connection
  • 1/2” NPT process connection


  • Marine diesel engine
  • Other ranges and stem lengths are available, and dual scales C&F or single scale °C available
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