Include Industrial Thermometer Thermowell in Thermometric Unit For Longevit

You must have heard of Industrial Thermometer Thermowell. It is a very crucial part of thermometric units. However, the real question lies as to why this particular part is of such importance.

At GPI Inc., we are going to guide every individual about the importance of a thermowell and the ones that are best buys.

Specific uses:

  1. Be it a Lead Free Industrial Thermowell or any other variety, the very use of a thermowell is to maintain protection. In simple words, a lead free thermowell is an essential barrier that protects the thermometer from harsh differences.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  It may happen so that the temperature is fluctuating tremendously along with the applied pressure. With such rise and fall, the barometric unit is suffering a direct hit. Thus, it hampers the thermometric device and may also cause it to produce false readings in many cases.
  1. The second thing that any Industrial Thermometer Thermowell does is provide attention to the service. Both quality and integrity is kept safe. Without any protective barrier to receive the first hit, a thermometer will no longer be able to function.

As for the features:

We at GPI Inc., highly recommend using a thermowell. Doing so will enhance the performance and keep an industrial thermometer in perfect condition working smoothly!

  • The design is 9” with the unit purpose of sealing.
  • The unit is absolutely designed in a manner of one way movement. hence, there is no need for complete shut down of a system for thermometer replacement or attachment. One can simply change the above without restriction or valve shutting and closing.

Thus, lead free thermowell is the utmost important part of any industrial temperature monitoring unit! Especially for hot piping system and connection, use thermowells before installation of thermometric unit.


Industrial Thermometer Thermowell

GTW Series


  • Designed for use with all 9″ (228mm) industrial thermometers to create a “sealed system”
  • Allows the easy replacement of thermometers without the need to shut down or drain the system
  • To protect the thermometer from possible exposure to the media
  • 1-year warranty


  • Pipes, chill water and hot water lines
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