Pressure Gauges

Gas Test Gauge

PGT Series


  • 2″ dial size
  • Copper alloy bourdon tube and socket
  • Black steel case
  • 1/2″, 3/4″ or 1″ FNPT connections
  • Plastic, snap-in lens
  • Accuracy: 3/2/3% per ASME B40.1 Grade B
  • White Scale with black graduations and numerals
  • Horizontal or vertical housing or Installed horizontal or vertical with manifold


  • Gas test pressure gauge is used in pressurizing and monitoring a gas system for a leakage
  • For pressure tests of residential and commercial piping system
Download Gas Test Gauge (Bell Type) PDFDownload Gas Test Gauge (Hex Type) PDF

Choose the best gas test gauge manufacturer for premium quality

Gas test gauges come with a knob at the very end. This helps the pressure to relive easily through the connection. That way there is an easy definition as well as dispersion of the gaseous substance through it. Only an authentic gas test gauge manufacturer will provide you with genuine quality transducer in the measuring kit. This helps to pass the gas methodically. Correct implication is thus a big factor and who can be more genuine than us? At GPI Inc., we provide assurance by extending service in the warranty period. You can thus rely on the sturdy durable material.