Refrigeration pressure gauge has a great connective shelf life

A specialized pressure gauge that only caters to a particular assortment and genre of industry – refrigeration. Refrigeration pressure gauge is a revolutionary selective unit that caters specially to allocation of temperature differences.

Mainly the differences in unit temperature system is carefully monitored by pressure gauges. This being said, we would like to bring the information up front that at GPI Inc., we have a wide list of refrigeration pressure gauge models that can serves as an intriguing piece altogether to choose from

Any fluid medium that connects port and has a copper alloy corrode connection can be monitored safely by installing a pressure gauge network.

Now a pressure gauge that is specially designed for refrigeration purpose without a doubt is basically a full scale agent to withstand lowest of temperature. Thus, it comes with a powerful casing that serves for protection as well as color identification.

Refrigeration gauge for pressure system

There is a dual scale – psi and Fahrenheit and has a flutterless movement. The dial is 2.5 inches.

ASME B40.100 and EN837-1 compliant is available along with a refrigerant of R-12, R-22, R-134A, R-502, R-410A.

At refrigeration pressure gauge system the customer can provide easy simple connection along with the associated pipelines. Pressure can be clearly directed along the association point. In any case self installation is also pretty easy and in every industrial belt the gauge can be connected. Go through our models to ensure which one will suit it the best.

Pressure Gauges

Refrigeration Pressure Gauge (Color Case)

PRC Series


  • 2.5″ (68mm) dial has a blue and red colored cases for easy identification
  • Dual scale (psi/ºF)
  • Flutterless movement on the 2.5″ (68mm)
  • Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) temperature scales, refrigerant R-12, R-22, R-502, R-134A, R-410A
  • ASME B40.100 and EN837-1 compliant


  • Refrigeration equipment and refrigeration recovery equipment
  • Suitable for fluid medium which does not clog connection port or corrode copper alloy
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