Pressure Gauges

Sprinkler Service Gauge

PSG Series


  • Suitable for air and water media
  • Corrosion resistant case
  • Dual scales (psi/kpa, psi/bar, psi/kg/cm2) and single scale (psi)
  • Approved by Factory Mutual (FM) and listed by Underwriter
  • Laboratory (UL)
  • ASME B40.100 compliant
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Sprinkler Service Gauge unit controls the pressure for correct application

Did you know about the Sprinkler Service Gauge unit? Here at GPI Inc., we have various models to help you out in the most certain factors. And here is what you need to know about the service gauges in sprinklers.

Importance and significance

Every industry uses a back up cooling agent. Though many and mostly these agents are not only cooling gas agents or fire extinguisher as they tend to hamper or pollute the area of application. Also in many cases these areas of application also varies. However, the most common use is of the sprinklers. Now sprinklers are not only used for cooling down a system but also for cleaning and fire protection purposes in a industry. Though the main area of application remains in cooling or purification, the Sprinkler Service Gauge is an excellent agent to monitor percussion level.

Sprinkler Service Gauge features

Just like the other legit pressure measuring devices, a gauge that is particularly designed for measuring the percussion level of sprinkling effect is of various models. Mainly the singular attachment with a glass case and black body with metal support in stainless steel is the basic body feature.

The markings are done in black and can measure up to 300 psi units. There is a clear distinction with 90 degree attachment and extended thermocell attachment. This helps in the monitoring of pressure even in extreme conditions. Mainly as the sprinklers have to be applied with a highly monitored pressure so that there is no heavy cooling but only a progressive one be sure to try on this model.